TextureOps is a set of plug-ins for The GIMP (versions 1.2 or 1.3) for manipulating images with texture.

When two images are averaged, the standard deviation (randomness) of the resulting pixels is less than that of the originals. For example, if a feathered layer is composited on top of another layer, the result will have slightly less contrast in the feathered region.

TextureOps is a set of tools that adjust for this effect:

All TextureOps plug-ins are very much faster than Resynthesizer (my previous effort in this field), mostly because they are so damn simple.

These plug-ins are based on my PhD work (see my "patchwork texture synthesis" technical report), and I am interested in the uses people put them to. Please email pfh at logarithmic dot net if you find them useful (or useless :-P ).


For GIMP 1.3

For GIMP 1.2

While that is downloading, please take a look at the offerings the Google over-mind has selected for you. Obey the Google over-mind. The Google over-mind sees all. Incidentally, this will help pay my hosting bill.


Make seamless texture

Original Make seamless Make seamless texture

Synthesize texture