Little Snob


This software is obsolete. Use PyMML.

Little Snob is a library for unsupervised classification of a set of data into classes (i.e. data mining). It can handle continuous or discrete data, and is capable of determining the optimal number of classes to use on its own.

Little Snob is a re-implementation of the original Snob in Python, making use of the excellent Numerical Python library.

This software is in an early stage of development at the moment. It provides most of the features of "Vanilla Snob", but has not yet been extensively tested. Checking results against the original Snob is suggested. The current version is quite usable though. Surprisingly (for a Python program), it is also fairly fast, as all the heavy lifting is done by the Numerical Python library.

Little Snob has a number of advantages over the C and Fortran versions of Snob:


The Monash Data Mining Centre has been experimenting with and extending Little Snob, their version is available via anonymous CVS: