OMG! Affordances!


This YouTube video shows a new computer user attempting to use an Apple notebook:

The video demonstrates a number of natural affordances:

The notebook responds to some though certainly not all such affordances. Perhaps the most obvious missing feature is a touch screen, as it is evident the user wished to interact with objects on the screen in a direct manner.

Apple's increasing use of animation is particularly effective in this instance. Note how the animations encourage interaction far more effectively than the abrupt appearance of new windows on the screen.

The keyboard interface is problematic. Though keys invite pressing, the actions of keys are highly counter-intuitive. The actions of keys are also hard to learn. For example, the user started music playing by pressing a key, but evidently did not infer a causal connection -- to them, the music started playing spontaneously.

However these failings would be relatively easy to fix, and doing so would open up for Apple the so far un-tapped feline market.