Miniaturize effect


Interesting Boing Boing article: a photography technique that makes scenes look like miniatures. This can be achieved using "tilt-shift" photography, that is, a camera with variable focus over the scene.

As long distance photographs are either entirely in focus or entirely out of focus, the only effect the shift lens is having is to apply a variable blur. Therefore, we can achieve the same effect in post processing, for example by using this variable blur plug-in for the GIMP.

Original photo:

Blur map (a simple bi-linear gradient):


(I threw in a little "Filters/Noise/Scatter RGB..." too, to simulate film grain.)

Note: To achieve this effect "properly" (that is, get the depth-blurring effect exactly correct) you would have to build a camera with an enormous aperture. The shift lens is just as "fake" an effect as what I did above.

Here's a couple more: